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Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Introduction to FEA

FEA Finite Element Analysis is the modern way to analyse structural problems. Whereas simple problems with simple shapes can be solved by classical methods, complex problems and complex continuous shapes cannot be solved directly. This is where Finite Element Analysis (FEA) comes in and by using FEA, Elite Consulting can help you to determine how your design will perform, where problems may arise and how to overcome them.

The Benefits of FEA

There are many benefits to using Finite Element Analysis, such as:

bulletAnalysing different concepts to help choose the best one.
bulletDetermining whether a design will meets its performance targets for load capacity, deflection, stress and life.
bulletOptimising designs to reduce material usage and hence cost.
bulletReduce development time and cost, by checking whether prototypes are likely to pass tests and hence reducing the number of tests and prototypes needed.
bulletUnderstanding failures and helping to overcome problems.

Applications of Finite Element Analysis Services include:

We undertake many types of FEA, such as


Stress Analysis, to find stresses and strains, deflections and fatigue life


Vibration Analysis to find natural frequencies and modes of vibration, and dynamic stresses and displacements due to shock or other dynamic inputs.


Thermal Analysis to understand heat transfer effects and determine temperatures

Elite Consulting's FEA Consultancy

Elite Consulting is not a normal 'analysis house'. With over 20 years' experience in engineering design and development it understands the overall picture and is staffed by engineers, not just analysts. We will provide you with a report written in plain English, not 'gobble-de-gook', clearly stating conclusions and recommendations.

Industries Served

Over the years, we have undertaken analysis in ta wide range of industries and we are confident that we can help you, whichever industry you are in.

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We use Pro/MECHANICA (now Creo Simulate) from PTC as our analysis code and have done since 1993. Unlike other, traditional,  codes that use 'h' elements, MECHANICA uses more advanced 'p' elements. These are elements which have a much higher order polynomial equation describing their behaviour and this brings certain advantages, such as the ability to follow curved surfaces, be more flexible and allow the writing of automatic convergence routines without re-meshing; plus to find stress concentrations without the need for re-meshing or the application of a stress concentration factor.

For more information on How Mechanica Works, click here.


Example of a Typical Project

Stress Analysis of a lifting bracket

Stress Analysis of a Lifting Bracket


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