Industries Served

Over the years, we have undertaken finite element analysis (FEA) of various types in the following industries:

bulletAutomotive (Cars, Trucks, Bikes & Commercial Vehicles)
bulletDefence (Can't possibly say!)
bulletWhite Goods
bulletPlus others

We are confident that we can help you to understand the structural aspects of your product, whichever industry you are in.

Examples of Typical Projects

Examples of project work using Pro/MECHANICA Structure include:-

Analysis of Frame for Quicksilver WSR

Model and analyse

Vibration and Fatigue Analysis of Valve Unit 

Modal, Dynamic Random and Fatigue Analysis

Contact Analysis

Contact and overall stress

Suspension Design & Development

Truck Axle, Car Twist Beam

Heat Exchanger Mounting Analysis 

Rail, Aero, Industrial

Axle Design & Analysis
Stress, Stiffness, Fatigue


Stress Analysis of a Lifting Bracket


Contact us for more details of how we may be able to help you.


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