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Elite Consulting

The Pro/Mechanica & Creo Simulate Specialists


This is our site for Stress Analysis (FEA), plus Creo Simulate & Pro/Mechanica training.

If you are looking for New Product Development (NPD), Project Management or FMEA Consultancy & Training, then please go to www.elite-consulting.com


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Special Offers on Training Manuals
We have a number of Pro/Engineer Wildfire training manuals for sale.  Find out more here.


"I must thank you for the excellent and detailed report. It is the best report we have ever received from an analysis company". - Martin Colenutt, Stannah Stairlifts

"A very capable engineering consultant and able to apply the years of experience from simple to highly specialized projects, adapting to all levels of understanding and communicating well to others. A valued partner I will use on future projects." - Stephen Anscomb, Horiba Instruments

"The feedback from Chris and David on your recent training course was excellent and they enjoyed the learning opportunity; thank you very much." - Karen Mead, GE Oil & Gas.

"The best training course that I have ever had" - Terence Haughian, Terex.


Creo Simulate Training Courses  now available
Creo training courses are now available for Creo Simulate (ex-Mechanica). These courses join our other  In-house, Intensive training for Individuals. We come to you to deliver these courses. You use your own software, we supply the trainer.  More details


Design Optimisation
Improve your designs and save money at the same time. Learn how the combination of Elite Consulting and Pro/MECHANICA can make your products more efficient, by saving materials and hence weight and cost. Find out more about Design Optimisation 


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Carr House. 53 High St., Harpole, Northampton. NN7 4BS, England.

Tel. no. is 01604 830886




Design Analysis; Finite Element Analysis, FEA & Stress Analysis

Creo Simulate Pro/Mechanica & Pro/ENGINEER Training & Consultancy

FEA stress analysis Pro/Engineer & Pro/Mechanica Training
Do you want to know if your new design is strong enough? Find out with FEA

Have you got a problem with parts breaking? You need Stress Analysis or FEA

Are you concerned about  vibration or fatigue? Learn about or Vibration Analysis service

Do you want to know how hot your parts will get and whether the thermal stresses and deflections will be excessive? Look at Thermal Analysis.

What about optimising your design to save material cost, but still meet stress & stiffness targets - then consider Design Optimisation?

If the answer to any of these is yes, contact us

We use Pro/Mechanica (Creo Simulate) to conduct our stress analysis

As the UK's leading Pro/Mechanica specialists, we are definitely the people to talk to about Pro/Mechanica training & Pro/Mechanica consultancy. We write our own courses, including specialist and advanced courses that can be customised to meet your requirements. We deliver these at your site, so there is no need to travel.

And now we can also provide you with training for Creo Simulate.

Did you also know that we can deliver Pro/ENGINEER training courses at your site too, or we can supply training manuals from our stock.

For more info please click here, or contact us

The Base - Competence & Understanding

With many years experience of stress analysis, Elite Consulting is your ideal consulting and training partner.
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